How to play Pokemon Go in the landscape mode

Apparently, there is a method by which people can enjoy Pokemon Go in landscape mode.

Pokemon Go was released about two and a half weeks ago and it uses GPS and augmented reality to fill the environment with virtual little monsters with which (I and many others) grew up. In Pokemon GO you must walk as much as you can to catch Pokemon and to increase the level and fight with other masters. Pokemon Go is currently available and can be downloaded from Google Play Store and the App Store - check special details.

If you have already tried the game, you probably know that one of its biggest problem so far has been that the game can’t be open in landscape mode. IOS users, however, seem to be lucky, and if to give credence to Lifehacker, there is a method by which they can do this - register to play.

Journalists from several publications, together with many Reddit users have checked and confirmed that this method worked. I have tested it also on an IPhone 6S and I could access the landscape mode.

The instructions are relatively simple. The first thing you need to do is to hold the phone horizontally. Then you should open the menu by pressing the left PokeBall – left,up – and go to the “Report High-Priority Issue”. After selecting “Yes”, the Safari browser will open. Click the “Home” button and then open again the Pokemon Go app - read the guidelines.

Now, the game should be displayed in the landscape mode. Of course, you have to consider that this is not a feature of the game, but rather a bug, so there are chances to have some troubles while playing it. For Android users, for now, there is no proven way that they can do this too.

Pokemon GO has created a madness among people and for certain in a short while the landscape mode option will be available for all devices. Until then, best of luck in catching top little monsters, but keep in mind one thing – be safe, since this game is it mostly known for creating many victims so far.